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Harriet Billington was born November 27, 1831 in Audlem. Cheshire, England.  She was the daughter of Joseph Billington and Martha Brown.
    Harruet was a vert good scholar.  She learned quickly ad always did her work well.  She was alson very proficient with both regular sewing and fancy work.
    When the gospel was introduced to them, they very quickly understood and accepted its truths.  The family was also baptized members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
    In 1842, the family set sail for America.  When they arrived in Nauvoo, Harriet became acquainted with the Prophet Joseph Smith ans his brother, Hyrum.  When they were killed by the mobs, she deeply mourned their deaths.   However, she did accept Brigham Young as the new leader of the church.  When leaving Nauvoo she and her parents crossed the Mississippi River and went on th Council Bluffs.  While there, her mother passed away.
    Harriet and her father crossed the plains with the Second Company of Saints in the fall of 1847.  In 1849,Harriet met a young stonecutter named Joseph William Bates.  On December 10. 1850 the were married.
    In 1857, Harriet went with her husband to the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon where he was involved I cutting stone for the Salt Lake Temple.  They had two small children at that time;
    The family later moved to Payson to be near the other members of the Bates Family.  He built his family a two-story brick adobe home with six rooms, a wide hall and porch and a balcony.  At that time it was one of the nicer homes in the community.
    In 1879, Joseph became ill and wad unable to work.  He passed away on June 30, of 1890 and was laid to rest in the Payson Cemetery,
    Harriet was privileged to attend the dedication of the Salt Lake Temple in 1893.  She felt the closeness since her husband had helped to cut some of the stones used in the construction of the new edifice...
    Harriet had been a widow for nineteen years when she passed away at the age ofseventy0-eight and was buried beside her beloved husband in the Payson Cemetery.

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