Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Payson Pavilion--Photo of the Day

In 1890, the Payson Brass Band and the Huish Band consolidated and formed what became known as the Payson Silver Band.  The group purchased a set of seven new silver instruments.  The members paid for the instruments in co-operation with the patronage of the public.
Over the next ten years, the band performed at many locations from Ogden in the north to Mt. Pleasant in the south.  With the success that the band was having, they began to consider the possibility of building a facility in which they could play and hold dances.  In 1902, the members of the band set about building what was to become known as "The Payson Pavilion." It was located on the southeast corner of today's Utah Avenue and 100 West.
It had large windows that would open for circulation during the warm months and stoves were located in the corners to heat the building in the winter months.

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