Saturday, March 7, 2015

Don's Cafe--Photo of the Day

In 1907 the first motion picture theater was located in the building.   It was located just east of the Loose Building.  In 1910, the new owner, Mr. Done relocated to a new theater building on West Utah Avenue.  Parry Battery and Garage opened in the old building.
In 1939, Don Cloward, a Payson native, opened a cafe in the building.  He later left Payson and Nate and June Thomas operated the cafe for about eight years.  In the early 1960s,  Bob and Blanche Wilson, also Payson natives purchased the cafe.  In 1963, the adjacent Page Garage building was destroyed by fire.  A new building was constructed to the east in the former parking lot to house the cafe.  It was renamed Bob's Cafe.

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