Saturday, March 21, 2015

Old Payson High School Gym--Photo of the Day

The high school gym was located the the south of the main high school building.  It was built in 1938.  The building had a large gym, two dressing rooms, a classroom located and  a classroom over the main entrance.  At the rear of the building there was a large shop and drafting room, an area for the Ag program.  Upstairs above the shop area was an orchestra room.  After the old high school was demolished, the city named the building the Bon Ton.  It was utilized as a roller rink and other recreational purposes.  It was also later demolished and the Constitution Park was constructed.  The three oval sports sections of the facade of the building was saved and they are now found on the back brick wall of the amphitheater of the Peteetneet Museum.

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