Thursday, February 12, 2015

Conk Service Station--Photo of the Day

     The southeast corner of 100 North and Main Street has seen many changes during the last 100 years.  The location was originally located within the walls of Old Fort Payson.   The property was originally owned by David Wilson who had his home at that location.
     Later, a large two story building was constructed on the site and the Hancock General Merchandise Store was established in the building.  It was later known as the Hancock-Page Building.  It housed a number of businesses until the building was destroyed by fire in 1931
     Arvil Conk operated a service station at that location for a number of years.  It was adjacent to the Orem Railroad Station you see in the background.
     In about 1938, the Conk station was demolished and a UTOCO service station was constructed on the site.  Various individuals operated the station until it was demolished in the late 1900s and the present Crest Service Station was constructed on the site.

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