Friday, February 27, 2015

Original William Douglass Store--Photo of the Day

The building in the center of the photo was the William Douglass store that was built in 1869 at about 103 North Main in today's address system.  The Wagon Wheel Park is located there today.  To the rear of the building we seen the Union Hall which was used as a theater and dance hall as well as all kinds of public amusements and recreation.  To the left if the post office and the tin shop.  Later the   Payson Co-oprative and Manufacturing Institution was organized in 1869 and they purchased the stock and goods and Mr. Douglass then acted as an agent for the organization.  The co-op followed the pattern established by the LDS Church where all the settlers were encouraged to cease trading with the gentile merchants and trade with the co-op.
The store purchased shoe and boot manufacturing equipment and started making boots and shoes to be sold in the co-op.  The co-op also owned a flour  mill and a sawmill.

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