Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Old Payson City Hall--Photo of the Day

     The Old Payson City Hall was located at about 270 South Main in Payson.  It was constructed 1in 1870.  It was one of the first brick buildings in the city.  The building was used as a City Hall with offices for the Mayor, city council, and a court on the main floor.  There was a jail located in a corner of the basement.  The second floor was used for dances, weddings, and suppers of a public nature.
     In 1873, the first high school south of Salt Lake City was established by Joseph L. Townsend.  He was also the author of many hymns found in LDS Hymn books today.  It was located on the second floor of the building.  It closed in 1875 when the Brigham Young Academy was opened in 1875.
      A belfry was added in 1896 and a curfew was sounded at 9:00 PM.   The building was demolished in 1925 and the New Payson Junior High was built on the location.    
     In 2009, the Junior High Building was purchased by the LDS Church and the building was demolished and a new LDS Church was built on the site.

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